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I shoot fashion and portraits, craft brand identities and build websites for small self-owned creative businesses. 

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Currently accepting select clients for March-May 2019


What other creatives are saying:

"Chiara is one of the few whose insights I truly value though much younger, someone in the same arena of entrepreneurship who is slaying. Because she is a doer." – Nikki Ocean

“What makes me gravitate towards Chiara is her fearlessness, her flip-the-table-don't-really-care-about-what-you-think kind of attitude that is both awe-inspiring and confusing at times. Most people don't know genius when they're faced with it but I strongly believe that she is a game-changer. People will look to people like her––the self-starters, the self-taught, the courageous hustlers––as the pioneers of what kind of life is possible for them. – Zeus Martinez

"Her presence is so positive and inviting. It's the kind of energy that brings out the best in people and I love that she walks around, spreading that." – Caprice Patawaran

"Chiara's pictures are amazing. It has a Chiara feel to it. It's refreshing, kinda hipster but not overly hipster, it's not filtered and still sharp." – Phoebe Rutaquio

"She gives us something to really look at. Not like the kind [of blog or work] that you just click, view and exit." – Hazel Levanza

"She has earned the right to help others know that they have a great deal of options even if they didn't finish college. She's a good listener, a big asset in a noisy world. I especially love talking to her in person. She makes me feel comfortable about conversing." – Sofia Cope