Say Hello to Made Frankly

I’m writing this with butterflies in my stomach.

Am I actually launching a one-woman studio and offering my creative services all over again?

My creative journey since leaving formal college has brought me from freelancing as a photographer at age 17 to running my own community-centered business up until mid-last year. Who knew all those winding roads will lead me back to my roots, my first love photography and now, design.

I hit rock bottom last year when I quit the job I quit my business for. I had no idea what was next.

I was bummed, but I was excited. This was my time to take a step back from work, and to realign my life.

So I asked myself a looooot of hard questions this year. As a creative and entrepreneur: Am I really fit to manage a business? Yes ok I have these skills, and they’re great, but how can I use them to benefit others?

And then there are the tougher questions, on my life, my values and my priorities: What do I really believe in? Why do I want to have a creative life so much? What and who really matters to me, and why? How do I define true success and fulfillment?

I learned so so so much about who I really am inside, and how I want to serve others with my gifts.

Then, Made Frankly was born.


You’ll get to know Made Frankly and my creative offerings as you navigate through this website (which I designed & developed btw), so I won’t bore you with too much details.

But let’s talk about this blog.

I know this studio is mine, but this blog part I want to be yours. Here, I plan to publish posts in four very clear-cut categories:

1. Creativity

Who knows what sorts of random I can put under creativity? Possibilities are endless! But for now on my roster of posts, I plan to share about how I organize my shoots, personal photography and design experiments, roundups of my current inspiration, and some tips and tutorials every now and then.

2. Business

Working for yourself is long story short, tough. When I first dove into freelancing, and then later on entrepreneurship, I became a total strategy nerd. I never settled for just any and all information I found, I enrolled myself in one of the best business schools in the world and still am always on the lookout for actionable know-how when it comes to entrepreneurship, modern marketing and growth hacking. This category will be my catch all into business as a creative. A place where I truly hope other small business owners can find their own answers or even just a fresh perspective.

3. Wellness

Living a creative life and running your own business is great, but only if you’re taking care of yourself through it all. This is where we get honest about what we usually take for granted –– self-care as an entrepreneur. We’ll talk about painful things like learning how to say no, getting the sleep we rightly deserve and letting go of unhealthy perfectionism.

4. Studio

This category is reserved for studio updates, new offerings and behind the scenes, you get the point.

So there you have it! Made Frankly, complete with a resource blog for creative entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to dig in and share more with you all very soon. Until then, have a wonderful week!

StudioChiara Garcia